The Stone of Destiny

At the heart of the new Perth Museum lies the Stone of Destiny, also known as the Stone of Scone. A powerful symbol of Scotland, it is wreathed in myths linking Bible heroes, Ancient Egyptian royalty, and Irish High Kings to the Scottish throne.

The Stone

The Stone of Destiny is an ancient symbol of Scottish monarchy and kingdom. A king-making stone, it was used in the inauguration of Scottish monarchs at Scone, 3 miles upriver of Perth on the River Tay. Its first documented use was in 1249 for the inauguration of the boy-king, Alexander III.

Taken as war loot by King Edward I of England fifty years after Alexander became king, the Stone was carried to Westminster Abbey in London; a symbol of Edward’s victory and his perceived right to rule. Returning home to Perthshire for the first time in 700 years, this iconic artefact is still used to crown kings and queens of the United Kingdom today, including the coronation of King Charles III in May 2023.

Images of the Stone of Destiny, © Historic Environment Scotland.

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