Culture Perth and Kinross Launch Supporter Scheme

Monday 6th November 2023

Culture Perth and Kinross have announced the launch of a new Supporters Scheme, inviting members of the public to be a part of preserving and displaying the Recognised Collections of National Significance held at Perth Museum and Perth Art Gallery. This initiative, designed to help secure the future of these cherished institutions, will enable supporters to play a vital role in protecting and celebrating the cultural heritage of Perth and Kinross.

Thanks to the Supporters Scheme, the public will directly be contributing towards the preservation of the collections cared for in Perth Museum and Perth Art Gallery.
In return, the Scheme promises an array of exclusive benefits to supporters, while taking pride in the knowledge that they are helping to secure the future of culture and heritage in Perth and Kinross.

Hands on Art space at Perth Art Gallery

Perth Museum, which will reopen its doors in at Easter Weekend 2024 after a £27 million development project, promises a fantastic experience for all visitors. This world-class cultural and heritage attraction will spotlight the captivating objects and stories that have placed Perth and Kinross at the heart of Scotland’s history. At its core, visitors will be able to see the Stone of Destiny, also known as the Stone of Scone, one of Scotland and the UK’s most historically significant objects, which returns to Perthshire after over 700 years.

The Museum will also showcase recent additions such as Bonnie Prince Charlie’s sword and a rare example of Jacobite Glass, alongside iconic loans, and exhibitions from the UK and abroad. The historic Edwardian building, which once served as a multifunctional gathering place, has been expertly transformed into a major visitor attraction by the award-winning architects Mecanoo. There will also be a café, shop, learning and event spaces, and a comprehensive exhibition program throughout the year.

Perth Art Gallery is home to an extensive and diverse collection of visual art, craft, and design, showcasing works from local, Scottish, and international artists including Joan Eardley, Sir William MacTaggart, Calum Colvin, and Alison Watt. The gallery has exciting plans to open a new permanent gallery dedicated to the dancer Margaret Morris and artist J.D. Fergusson, which will offer more space for their works and improve accessibility for visitors starting spring 2024; as well as an exciting temporary exhibition programme relaunching in summer 2024.

As a perfect Christmas Gift, the Supporters Scheme, which launches today, will feature a tiered structure of membership, starting from as little as £4 per month.

With the launch of the Supporters Scheme, Culture Perth and Kinross invites the public to contribute to the preservation and celebration of the objects and stories housed within Perth Museum and Perth Art Gallery for generations to come. With this support, it ensures that these institutions can continue to enrich our cultural landscape and engage with a wide and diverse audience in the best of local, national, and international cultures.

For more information or to become a supporter, learn more here.