Bawsie Broun

Monday 29th May 2023

From the collections this week, the new Perth Museum now has its first pet, a dog from the past, which we have christened, in Old Scots, Bawsie Broun.

He has been made for us, almost entirely out of wool, by artist Amy Thornton. Bawsie is based on one of the complete surviving dog skeletons from medieval Perth, excavated from Mill Street in 1979-80. He was found in a cesspit dug in the 16th century.

Media post illus 2 IMG_1536

Prominent scars on his skull and – from a lesion – on his shoulder led archaeologists to suggest he had seen life as a fighting dog. Following the process of reconstruction, we now think it is perhaps more likely that he was a household/working dog who had been in a fight.

His size and structure are based on the skeleton from Mill Street and his colourings are based on typical depictions in medieval paintings. You will be able to meet Bawsie when the new Museum opens in Spring 2024. He is very friendly and will be pleased to meet you all!