Hands on History Medieval Style

DATE: 12 April 2024

TIME: 2:30 pm

LOCATION: Perth Art Gallery, George Street, Perth

TICKETS: £4.50

EVENT TYPE: Museum & Gallery Events


During his reign, Robert the Bruce assembled a loyal group of Knights and warriors who fought alongside him in various battles against his Scottish and English enemies.  Following years of hardship and turmoil, Bruce finally won the recognition he had fought so long for when Scotland reverted back to being the country it was before the invasion by Edward Longshanks.


Join one of our King’s loyal Knights and learn about life in the King’s court and on the medieval Battlefield.  Hear how King Robert adapted Wallace’s Schiltrons to great effect, resulting in a decisive win at the Battle of Bannockburn.  Find out what happened after King Robert’s death to him and the country that he loved so much.


There will also be a chance to meet one of the Lady’s that live in 14th Century Perth and learn all about the games that would be played to while away the hours in the King’s court.


Suitable for all ages. Children must be accompanied by an adult.