Hands on History with the Jacobites **Cancelled**

DATE: 05 April 2024

TIME: 11:30 am

LOCATION: Perth Art Gallery, George Street, Perth

TICKETS: £4.50

EVENT TYPE: Museum & Gallery Events


Hold hands with history as our Jacobite soldier tells tales of rebellion and battle.

The Jacobite Rebellion is marked by political upheaval, cultural shifts, and military conflict. The rebellions also left a lasting impact on British history, contributing to the suppression of Highland culture and the consolidation of power by the Hanoverian monarchy. Despite their ultimate failure, the Jacobite cause continues to capture the imagination and romanticism of many to this day.

Join us in learning how traditional highland clothes were worn, see the weapons carried by these fearsome warriors, and get hands on with some of the artefacts and armaments.

Suitable for all ages. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.