We want your Unicorns!

Calling all unicorn enthusiasts! We’re on the hunt for all things unicorn-related to create a magical community project to support our debut exhibition, Unicorn.

Suppose you have unicorn objects, ornaments, trinkets, images, memorabilia, or toys that hold a special place in your heart. In that case, we want to hear the story behind your unicorn and why it’s meaningful to you. To make lending your unicorn easy, we will be setting up drop-off points at Culture Perth and Kinross Libraries, and Perth Art Gallery.

Your unicorn treasures will be cherished and displayed alongside the rich history of the unicorn as Scotland’s national emblem. Ready to share the enchantment?

Did you know that the unicorn is the national animal of Scotland? It holds a special place in Scottish heraldry and culture, symbolising purity, strength and grace as well as freedom, resilience, unity, uniqueness and mysticism.


What next?

You can take your unicorn to any of our drop-off points across Perth and Kinross.

These are

Staff will be on hand throughout these venues, ready to receive your unicorn! If you have any questions please email Jennie Grady jgrady@culturepk.org.uk or fill out the contact form below.

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Photo by Alex Rybin on Unsplash